What to Expect During Your DOT Exam:

Our FMCSA Certified Medical Examiners Dr. Jonathan Schneider and Dr. Trevor Penning will perform your examination as required by FMCSA DOT Law for commercial drivers license. Your medical history will be reviewed, and you will be asked to list any over the counter and prescription drugs you currently take. Please bring any current prescription you may have from your healthcare provider. 

Your CME will also perform the following tests, and others if needed including;

  • Blood pressure test
  • Vision test
  • Eye, throat, mouth, and ear examination
  • Heart and lung examination
  • Check for deformities of the spine
  • Neurological examination
  • Check for abdominal abnormalities

What happens after the inital exxamination.

After the physical examination is complete, your CME will discuss any medical condition from your past and current medical conditions you may have which could affect your ability to drive. Based on your history, as well as the findings on physical examination the CME will determine the certification period and issue a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

If the certified medical examiner determines that you meet the criteria for a medical certification without limitations, you will be given a drivers medical certificate for two years. It is recommended you return here in two years, for another DOT physical exam to maintain your active commercial driver’s license.

What are the next steps?

The certification period is determined by FMCSA DOT criteria based on your medical history, as well as current physical findings on your examination and you may qualify for a certification period less than two years.  If you wear corrective lens, and you pass the vision portion of the exam, the medical examiner will issue you a Medical Certification to drive with a corrective lens indicated.  Drivers are rarely disqualified from driving, the medical examiners at Brookings Chiropractic Center & Physical Therapy will give you every opportunity to take corrective action in order that you may be given a temporary CDL license.  If current physical findings indicate you have serious medical issues and you need medical attention your CME will make appropriate recommendations for you to see a Physician and return for a follow up.

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