What are the benefits of physical therapy?

  • Pain Management: Physical therapists are trained to assess and treat various types of pain, including acute and chronic pain. They use a combination of techniques such as manual therapy, exercise, and modalities (e.g., heat, ice, ultrasound) to help alleviate pain.
  • Improved Mobility: Physical therapy aims to enhance a person's range of motion and overall mobility. This is especially important for individuals recovering from injuries, surgeries, or those with conditions that affect their mobility.
  • Injury Prevention: Physical therapists can identify and address factors that may lead to injuries or impairments. They provide education on proper body mechanics, posture, and exercises to reduce the risk of future injuries.
  • Rehabilitation: After surgery or a significant injury, physical therapy plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process. Therapists design personalized rehabilitation programs to help patients regain strength, flexibility, and function.

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Brenda Buus

As a physical therapist I am able to help to conservatively manage a variety of conditions with an individualized approach. I have experience helping people with orthopedic conditions and surgeries, joint and soft tissue injuries, neurologic conditions, balance problems, workplace injuries and sports injuries. After an evaluation I will work with you to develop a plan to improve your ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.


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